FORMULATOR / REGULATOR provides a means to import LOLI Database data into FORMULATOR data tables. This data can then be used in the generation of MSDS/SDS and other regulatory documents.

Virtually all LOLI data is imported either into the REGULATOR HazMat Maintenance Module (by CAS number), or into a REGULATOR Lists of Regulations (also by CAS number). Lists of Regulations is mapped by end user requirements via simple-to-use tools in REGULATOR. Imports and updates are date/time stamped “LOLI” for auditing purposes.

LOLI can provide the vast majority of REGULATOR hazmat information in most regulatory environments. The only HazMat/List information not imported from or provided by LOLI are the effects of overexposure, incompatibilities, and hazardous decomposition products. These must be input manually or imported from spreadsheets.

LOLI updates are typically provided quarterly, and can be used to update existing hazmat data, as well as adding new hazmat data. REGULATOR’s LOLI integration can both insert new hazmats and update existing hazmats. Finer grained control over updated elements are available on request, however, truly one-off mappings or transformations may involve a modest one time services charge.



The following LOLI information is imported into the REGULATOR HazMats (on demand) as a matter of course. All objects are uniquely identified by CAS number.

  • Chemical description
  • Vapor Pressure (update only if indicated in 910. Company Set-Up, LOLI tab)
  • Vapor Density
  • Autoignition temperature
  • Evaporation rate
  • Appearance
  • Boiling points
  • Density
  • Melting points
  • NIOSH carcinogen rating
  • NIOSH target organs
  • TSCA checkbox (deprecated)
  • DSL checkbox (deprecated)
  • IARC carcinogen rating(s) Group 1, 2a, and 2b
  • ACGIH Carcinogen rating
  • EU REACH carcinogen rating
  • OSHA carcinogen listing
  • EU inventory
  • OSHA TWAs and STELs
  • RCRA D, F, K, and P Series
  • ACGIH Skin notation
  • NIOSH Skin notation
  • NIOSH Ceiling limits
  • SARA checkbox
  • LD50/LC50 toxicity
  • GHS Hazard Statements
  • NFPA ratings
  • Ecotoxicity
  • WHMIS classifications
  • Flash point

This list is subject to change, and will likely increase over time. It is accurate as of 1 September 2012.

GHS Rating Information

LOLI will provide GHS rating information for toxicity, flammability, and GHS warning statements to speed compliance with United States OSHA requirements.

REGULATOR Lists of Regulations

Any and all LOLI regulations can be mapped to any FORMULATOR List of Regulations. Lists of Regulations are useful for identifying reportable hazmats in various jurisdictions, as well as listing them on any given REGULATOR document (MSDS/SDS, compliance label, bill of lading, or TREM card).

An example of a LOLI mapping is shown here, displaying California Proposition 65 (CA PROP 65), New Jersey Right to Know (NJ RTK), Transportation Wizard mappings, and a new entry for Massachusetts Right to Know (MA RTK; note the Quick List is still displayed):

LOLI Mapping Example 1


Quarterly Updates

LOLI updates are typically provided on a quarterly basis. These updates are important for compliance with hazmat, transport, and listing data for all regions. The updates are first applied to your local LOLI installation, and then in turn to FORMULATOR. It is highly recommended that you make a backup copy of your FORMULATOR database prior to undertaking any LOLI update.

*NOTE: The standard LOLI update function does not remove hazmats from FORMULATOR’s Lists of Regulations during a normal update. Custom update gap trawling to identify de-listings are available on a custom basis.

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