The need for a dependable approach to design and outputting Hazardous Materials Labels has now been expanded to a full label development offering linked to FORMULATOR databases. This capability is provided by offering BarTender Labeling software Enterprise 3 printer version as an add-on to the Hazardous Materials Container Labeling purchase (additional printer licenses are available at an additional cost). The BarTender Labeling tools can link to many data tables of Formulator. The labels can be customer oriented, use multi-lingual phrases from the Regulator Phrase library, and output a variety of label sizes to a variety of printers.

With the purchase of the Hazardous Container module our staff will teach you to design the primary container label templates and prompts you need in BarTender. You will have the capability of modifying the labels or having us help you when needed. The BarTender license is to named printers that can be accessed from any computer on your network. The label output is from Formulator or if you need additional labeling functions, directly from BarTender. Clients that already have BarTender 9.4 or higher only need to purchase the Formulator Labeling module.

Our Development team has created links to REGULATOR hazardous materials data and logic, as well as, test and batch ticket line item labels and incoming inventory item labels which can include multi-format bar codes, UPC codes, QR codes. Thus not only do you receive the capabilities of printing labels relating to your FORMULATOR functions, but you now have a professional labeling program to meet other labeling requirements. To learn more about BarTender Labeling Software functions go to


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