Syspro Integrator

This document must be signed and submitted with the purchase of Formulator Software’s Syspro Integrator (herein after referred to as “Integrator).


  1. In” refers to data imported into FORMULATOR from Syspro.
  2. “Out” refers to the data exported from FORMULATOR to Syspro.

Restrictions in the Syspro Integrator

  1. All items must have the exact same code in Syspro and Formulator in order to integrate.
  2. Raw materials and Bulk Items (formulas) can be integrated.
  3. Packaging and BOMs/Finished Goods are now supported.

Features Included in the Syspro Integrator

  1. Transfer in raw materials and formulas
  2. Transfer out raw materials and formulas
  3. Transfer out Packaging and BOMs/Finished Goods.
  4. Transfer Costs in from Syspro
  5. Update the Advanced Costing data from Syspro (requires the Advanced Costing module)
  6. Batch Tickets transferred in from Syspro (requires Quality Manager module)

Customer Requirements:

  1. Customer is responsible for installation and Maintenance of Server, Workstations, Network Software, SQL (if necessary), Client Software, ODBC connections and all related Operating Systems
  2. Customer is responsible for installation of Formulator Software (Server & Client)
  3. Customer is responsible for installation of Syspro Software (Server & Client)
  4. Customer is responsible for implementation of backup methods for Formulator & Syspro Databases
  5. Formulator Software LLC will not provide training or implementation of Syspro Software.   It is the customer’s responsibility to provide users with adequate training & implementation of Syspro systems.
  6. Formulator Software LLC will provide training of Formulator Software & Integrator if and only if customer has purchased training time. All training and implementation recommendations are billable at our current rates.
  7. Customer must purchase the Formulator Integrator and Lab Book Plus. Some features will also require the purchase of other modules




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