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A company known for longevity, G.J. Nikolas & Co. understands what it means to grow and expand. They began in 1890 and are now one of the oldest family-owned businesses in the US. They’re currently running under the fifth generation of Nikolases, with Buck Nikolas at the helm of a successful industrial coatings business. Specializing in lacquers and veneers of all kinds, G.J. Nikolas & Co. manufactures the finest clear protective and decorative coatings in the world. “And not just for coating infrastructure,” Vice President Jamie Koch says, “Our coatings are also used for things like musical instruments and sculptures.” G.J. Nikolas & Co is one of those companies that serves a vital but subtle service in our everyday world. And to maintain that seamless functionality, they needed a capable ERP handling their finances.

Finding a Compatible Solution

Longtime Sage clients, Jamie was finding that Sage 50 wasn’t meeting all their needs. “Primarily Formulator was no longer compatible with it,” he says. “We need Formulator to work for us.” Their first step was to upgrade to Sage 100. G.J. Nikolas would be able to stay within the Sage software family but have a more robust system. After talking with Perryman & Associates, they were ready to make the move. “The implementation of Sage 100 could not have gone better,” says Koch. He spoke highly of the consulting team that assisted G.J. Nikolas & Co., commenting that they were exceedingly thorough and always available. With this change in ERP platforms, there was more detailed inventory, more tools that they hadn’t even thought of, and of course the compatibility with Formulator.

Putting it All Together

For Formulator to successfully work with Sage 100, G.J. Nikolas was relying on Perryman & Associates’ Formulator Connector. This tool was imperative: Formulator provided G.J. Nikolas with data sheets to meet their stringent government-regulated requirements on their metal coatings. Their materials were very delicate and considered hazardous in some situations, so G.J. Nikolas has strict standards to uphold.

Luckily, Perryman was able to provide an easy, user-friendly piece of software to link Sage 100 and Formulator. “It got us back up and running,” says Koch, “by condensing and providing all the inventory data we needed.” This custom piece of software is something they couldn’t find anywhere but at Perryman & Associates, satisfying this critical requirement.

Getting Back to Work

With Sage 100 and Formulator now running together smoothly, G.J. Nikolas & Co. can get back to what they do best: providing quality products all year long. They’re meeting their safety standards for federal, state and local compliance with ease. And Jamie Koch can now focus on making sure G.J. Nikolas is in the same fantastic standing it’s always been for the next generation.


G J Nikolas
Bellwood, Illinois

Company Profile:

Industry: Manufacturing
Employee Size: 20-49


Sage 50 was no longer compatible with Formulator, an indispensible solution being used by GJ Nikolas


Migrating to Sage 100 and using Perryman’s Formulator Connector to link the two products.


Perryman’s Formulator Connector allowed the company to continue running at full-speed.

“The implementation of Sage 100 could not have gone better.”

Jamie Koch - Vice President of G.J. NIkolas & Co.

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