sample manager screen 1

  • Track all of your outgoing samples & quotations
  • Track Status (New, Reviewed, Approved, Shipped, Cancelled)
  • Updates “on order” amounts for better Material Requirements Planning
  • Some Integrations will allow import of orders from your ERP system
  • Link to your customer or prospect records with optional customer item codes
  • User configurable fields to meet your company requirements
  • Identify which fields are required during data entry (optional)
  • Print forms for sample requests, order acknowledgements, quotations, bills of lading and more
  • Up to 38 columns of data associated with the detail on the order
  • Link to other files (documents, spreadsheets, images, web sites & more)
  • Indicate required documentation (Certificate of Analysis, SDS, Technical Data Sheet etc.)
  • Enter gross and tare weight per item
  • Link to Project Manager Module

sample manager screen 2

Sample Manager Explorer included with Sample Manager module

  • Review all outstanding sample orders and quotations
  • Sort by any column (date, salesperson, customer, prospect, region, market etc.)
  • Hot links to automatically pull up order detail, item detail, customer and prospect records

sample manager screen 3

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