What is included in Inventory Manager?

  • Inventory levels for raw materials, formulas (bulk & filled) and packaging entered in an associated FORMULATOR database.
  • Optionally process records by raw material lot (entered manually in Quality Manager), formulas by batched product, or by batch ticket lot number, includes lot recording data archive.
  • Inventory count entered manually for raw materials, package components or purchased or transferred products.
  • FORMULATOR batch ticket management console: relieves raw material / intermediates / packaging components, using Quality Manager adjustments or stock batch ticket output. Posts finished formulas and packaged formulas to inventory.
  • Materials inventory is relieved manually, or with optional ODBC transaction interface (INTEGRATOR).
  • Inventory status report on demand, with current value based on FORMULATOR raw material or formula raw material cost (less loss and yield values). Package materials from Bills of Materials costing.
  • Physical inventory count management console: sheet output, control, and count input functions to control inventory actual amounts vs system inventory amount.

InvMgr 1

Inventory Main Menu

Why Consider Inventory Manager?

  • Documents and archives inventories, help control stock in the Lab and in the warehouse.
  • Identifies lots used for test and production batch runs.
  • Provides the data to identify lots uses in samples and batch output.
  • Fully ANSI SQL compatible ODBC data connectivity allows data sharing as you build your inventory database.
  • Integrates with FORMULATOR Cost Analysis Bills of Materials packaging items.
  • Integrates with Material Planning Production Manager, identifies short materials, identifies batches and packaging tickets effected.
  • Flows inventory from receipt of raw materials to batches to packaging to shipments.
  • Traces lots from receipt of raw materials to all batches where used to all finished goods filled to shipping reference.
  • Identifies location by lot, status, shelf life, cost by lot by all associated transactions.

InvMgr 2

Raw Materials Inventory Records

InvMgr 3

Bulk Formula Inventory

InvMgr 4

Packaging Component Inventory

InvMgr 5

Finished Goods Inventory

InvMgr 6

Inventory Manager Data Entry

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