These are tough economic times for most companies. Why is it a good time to invest in FORMULATOR for the Technical Team of your company?

All of our clients and prospects that produce formulated products depend on their technical team to develop and modify their formulations, control the quality of their products and keep the cost to a level that assures profitable sales and satisfied customers.  In fact their formulas are the heart of their technology and the key to their success.  Software that controls data with ease of use is the key to successful formulation software.  A program like FORMULATOR’S Lab-Book Plus will normally pay back in the first few months after installation.  Where are the benefits?

  • Speed formulation development by ease of formulation, selection by use of previous formulas, instant access to materials, costing and prediction of physical property performance.  In a competitive world getting a new formula completed, tested and a sample produced with a dependable quotation sent to your customer wins new sales and grows your reputation in the market place.

  • Make your laboratory more cost effective by maximizing the use of your formulation team.  Eliminate data entry mistakes; once data is entered it can be used without re-entry.  If you loose technical staff, retraining is quick and easy and formulation data is under your control.

  • Extend capabilities of limited technical staff by providing consistent multiple functions for all users which allows cross training.  Software with consistent functions assures dependable results.   Now QC and Development can use the same resources and testing procedures.  Tie customer requirements to specific QC tests and output a Certificate of Analysis directly from batch test results.

  • Protect your technology with secure data base control.  Limit access to only those functions each person is approved for.  Limit access to sensitive cost and advanced formula development.  Data is always protected.  Output can be limited to a need to know.  Data is automatically captured by date, time and User to provide historical proof of development.  Aids in Patent prior art support and archived data can be recovered if and when needed.

  • Provide cost analysis for quotations and contracts as you formulate.  Advanced cost projections assures profitability into the future.  Assures that you will stay competitive yet still control your margins.

  • Improved product performance by prediction of product properties.  Proof of performance by documentation of QC test procedures and capture of test results.  Assures you can meet your sales claims.

  • Meet regulatory requirements by creation and control of GHS compliant SDS forms, output of GHS compliant product labels for samples and shipping containers.  Limit your vulnerability in health claim law suites.

  • Assure product consistency and quality by better QC controls, dependable formulations, analysis of test results batch after batch.  Gain and hold more business against the competition.

  • Controls manufacturing batches with better QC, on-going formulation improvement, documented testing.  Assure your customers the quality of product that earns you their long term business.

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